LaMadera offers an outstanding range of hardwood flooring

We supply solid hardwood floors from selected domestic and tropical forests, from German oak to exotic rarities such as Birmese and Javanese teak, Pyinkado, Rosewood and many more. Our production lines are ready to produce any needed quality grade and dimension in order to fulfill your hardwood dreams.

Specialized in authentic looking antique flooring we provide lofts, studios and living rooms as well as commercial projects with the real Shabby Chic design made of solid European oak. There’s nothing like our distressed surfaces with oil/wax or worn out paint finish in a variety of colors, from white/light grey to black.

vintage parquet

Another highlight in our oak parquet range is the up-cycling of reclaimed wine and whiskey barrels. Dismantled barrels of precious liquids are transformed to design parquets and wall decoration. Some clients say it’s not only about the unique surfaces and the atmospheric feeling these wood floors provide but also for the tasty aroma they can still smell. ( Please note that LaMadera gives no warranty on the smell of its reclaimed barrel flooring)

Not only for bathrooms but for living rooms and commercial floors as well, we deliver solid hardwood parquets with that special Lamadera touch. Golden teak parquets in customized sizes, special grade selections from primary beauty to straight grain without any fault, original ship lap flooring with a black rubber joint? You name it, we produce it!

fine flooring

LaMadera opens the door to personalized hardwood solutions far beyond the ordinary.

oak flooring